Bringing immersive technology to life

Unwritten managed complex stakeholder research to build a marketing and communications plan for ImmexCity, an immersive technology centre coming to Gateshead Quays.

The strategy phase, facilitated by Unwritten, helped to inform and shape the creation of the brand identity to increase investment opportunities and engagement. Unwritten continue to work with Gateshead Council on the brand roll out and marketing and communication plan delivery.

The Organisation
ImmexCity is a new immersive technology centre brought to life by Gateshead Council. ImmexCity will lead the way in immersive experiences for both B2B and B2C audiences.

The Objective
The key objective for the project was to create a brand that helped to secure both investment and stakeholder engagement. Unwritten were commissioned to not only name the new technology centre, but also create an eye-catching brand identity that best represented the new centre.

The Outcome
Through extensive research engaging with current businesses in the sector and key stakeholders, Unwritten were able to create a strategy focussed Marketing & Communications plan to help to secure investment and stakeholder engagement. Unwritten also developed the brand values and key messaging for the new brand.